Safer at Work Programs

Protech Biohazard Remediation has joined The National Safety Council with a commitment to the Safer at Work Programs. These new Safer At Work Programs are a multifaceted effort to help employers create safe workplaces in a post-coronavirus world.

Take Responsibility

Workplace fatalities already were on the rise, and the pandemic has further complicated employers’ response to mitigating risk and driving down deaths and injuries. Covid-19 has forced workplaces across the U.S. to close or limit operations to protect public health and safety.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Employers have an ethical and moral responsibility to provide a safe work environment. With the Safer At Work Programs employers should commit the financial support, management oversight, tools and safe environments workers need to do their jobs safely. Both management and workers need to do their part to make safety a personal priority.

Committed to Safety

As a member of the National Safety Council, Protech Biohazard Remediation is committed to the SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns to work. This is a comprehensive National initiative to guide employers through the process of safely resuming traditional work and operations now and in a post-pandemic environment.

Recognize the risk

In the new Era of Covid-19, all employers have a newfound enlightenment, respect and awareness of the need to safeguard employees, customers. We recognize now more than ever the enormous economic risk associated with pathogenic contamination of the workplace. While not a new concept, prior to Covid-19 most employers felt this risk was only significant to specific manufacturing and other high-risk exposure environments.


Keep Colorado Safe

Now most employers realize it applies to all! We now understand that our employees, our customers and the community all have a reasonably anticipated occupational exposure to air and bloodborne pathogens causing potentially infectious diseases such as Coronavirus.


That’s why it’s important to implement Safer At Work Programs. Without it you cannot ensure a safer at work environment. Much more importantly, lives could be adversely impacted or even lost.

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As we implement our Open Colorado Today™ programs we will incorporate and follow closely all guidance form the National Safety Council and other Federal and State authorities

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