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ProTech Biohazard Remediation is the leading provider of facility hygiene services in Colorado. We provide comprehensive decontamination and remediation solutions to mitigate the risks and exposure to biohazard contaminants such as Covid-19.

ProTech partners with the finest suppliers of industrial safety supplies and safety consultants available. ProTech and our partners are committed to helping solve your safety concerns, allowing you more time to focus on other areas of your business.


Aurora, CO

(303) 537-5832

Our mission is to make sure you are SAFE by outfitting you with the right safety gear needed for every application you are exposed to daily and provide you with the proper training needed to walk off your site every day.  We do this by offering both products and education, along with communicating updates on upcoming regulation changes and introducing new products available so you can stay ahead of those unknown exposures. We strive to provide the best safety and fall protection products for workers in all industries where proper training and gear is essential.

Trivent Safety Consulting

Aurora, CO

(800) 819-6092

Trivent OSHA Safety Training and Compliance Specialists provide services Nationwide. As a full-service OSHA consulting group, Trivent Safety Consulting can help your company develop, implement, and maintain a safety & health program that not only meets, but exceeds OSHA’s requirements to provide a safe & health work environment.

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