Open Colorado Today™

ProTech Biohazard Remediation is committed to getting Colorado businesses and our economy back open for business.

“At some point you have to ask yourself whether the shutdown is doing more harm than good,” White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said on CNBC. “Either we find a way to get the economy up and running or we risk massive social upheaval and its potentially ruinous economic effects.”


with the crisis brought on by Covid-19, nearly every employer in every industry is recognizing the urgent need to implement a facility hygiene plan and takes steps to decontaminate the work environment. They share our moral and ethical responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees, customers, clients, and the community.

Open Colorado Today™

is a series of programs offered exclusively by ProTech to help business owners get back open for business today! These innovative programs are designed to work in partnership with business owners to help ease the burden of reopening for business.


Open Colorado Today™

Through our Open Colorado Today initiative we offer:


Rapid Response and Proactive Services

Flexible Payment Options

Deferred Payment Plans

Small Business Assistance

Service to help any business

Whether you are getting your business up and running again or have been providing ongoing essential business services and products, ProTech will make sure your environment is safe to help protect your employees, your clients, and the community.

ProTech Biohazard Remediation attacks the enemy with its patented state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly and professional facility hygiene and biohazard remediation services.

Patented State-of-the-art


Fully Trained

facility hygiene services

commercial offices

Facility Hygiene & Maintenance


Facility and equipment covid-19 decontamination

soft material

soft materials cleaning and decontamination

hvac cleaning and sanitation


infestation remediation and decontamination

clean property

distressed property cleanup

Highest Professional Standards


Delivering the highest professional standards possible, we are dedicated to providing rapid emergency response 24/7 to give you peace of mind and keep your business environment safe for employees and customers, especially during this unprecedented era of Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Open Colorado Today™